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Prediction of periods with increased probability for conceiving a child
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Baby Gender Calculator is a software that can calculate the period with highest probability to have a baby boy or girl.
This program makes a recalculation of the parent’s date of birth which gives as a result the periods where they are more likely to conceive a boy or a girl. If their future periods with high tendency to conceive a female or a male baby meet, the probability of having a baby of this gender is large. Otherwise, it is only 50%.  
Since there exist other biological and genetical factors that influence on the baby gender, this software cannot provide a 100% precise result, that is why the developers’ advice is to regard it more as a form of entertainment rather than a scientific method. Apart from this, developers affirm that Baby Gender Calculator is by no means based on Chinese Fortune Calendar or Chinese Gender Chart.
The software is really easy to use and intuitive, the only thing you need to do is to fill in a form with the parents’ data and the software will immediately show you the results. The full version of Baby Gender Calculator, unlike the free trial, provides complete and detailed reports of the results which can be printed or saved as a TXT text.

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